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Friday, December 28, 2007

Starting Slow Will Keep You On Track

The New Year is almost here and we all have good intentions of living
a healthy lifestyle, getting back to the gym and working on our weight

But this sounds familiar doesn’t it? It’s exactly what we said last year,
but here you are with no real results. I have found that the best intentions,
if not reasonable will not work. If you are 20 pounds or more overweight,
start slowly so it won’t be such a shock for you.

Emptying your fridge, throwing out all your goodies, and replacing them
with cottage cheese will last about a week. You want to create a foundation
with your weight loss efforts so they will endure the long run. Without
chucking all the food out of your cabinets, start here and you will see big results.

Trade your white foods for brown foods: Nowadays whole grain foods
are very easy to find. Pick brands that are highest in fiber, compare and
read labels. The great thing is that almost all white foods like rice,
breads and pastas all have very tasty brown alternatives. Try brown
rice, whole grain pastas, whole wheat breads or bagels. With trial and
error you can find a type or brand that fits your tastes. These slowly
digested carbs will keep your blood sugars steady and help you feel

Don’t drink your calories- This step cannot be stressed enough. Have
you ever looked at the sugar content in one can of soda or glass of
juice? These beverages can make or break weight loss progress. Try
added no sugar flavor mixes to your water. Pick flavored seltzer waters
if you need carbonation or real juices with no added sugar. Diet sodas
are also an option if you don’t mind the taste.

There was a time when all I would drink was soda all day long. Once I
removed it from my diet, I saw dramatic results.

Reduce your portion sizes- In a super-sized world, this can be very
difficult, but this is where preparation is key. Start with smaller
plates (I am not kidding) and fill most of the plate with veggies. If
you make a large portion of any food, separate the food into portions
and put them away in the fridge or freezer as individual servings.

Do not wait until you are starving to eat because you will be more prone
to overeat. Creating little baggies of food, that you can take with
you during the day will keep you from feeling too hungry

Limit sugar- We all love the sweets but lets be honest, do we need all
the extra snacking and seconds on desserts? Moderation is key, when you
want to kick start your weight loss program. Snack on fruits that will
relieve your sweet tooth as often as possible. If you trade in a juicy
piece of fruit for those m&m’s in the afternoon five days a week, it
will help your progress. Sugar calories add up very quickly and have no
nutritional value. I have dessert once a week, but it has taken years
for me to get on this track. I really do not miss the daily sweet
indulgences, instead I look forward to a savory lean steak or fresh

Get up and moving- In the beginning, it takes as little as walking to
start seeing results. Start at 30 minutes a day and keep pushing up the
time as the weeks go by. If you want to start with gym but can’t afford
it, there are many fitness shows or videos that you can follow in your
own living room. My philosophy is that activity is important, not choreography.

Dance around like a maniac in your living room for a half hour and have fun!
Once the weight begins to fall off, we can begin to fine tune your fitness goals.


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