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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Secrets for a Fabulous Face

Every time someone compliments my skin I wince. I used to have horrible acne in my teens and early twenties and even now with clear skin; my first reaction to a compliment is to doubt it. But the truth is, it does look pretty good, a far cry from my days as an embarrassed child. I remember becoming really obsessed with a cure, there was so much contradicting information out there like ‘don’t eat chocolate’ to “oily food give you acne", or as my mother used to say, “your acne will go away when you get married”.

Remind me not to listen to my mother. I went to doctors and had numerous experiences with antibiotics, read everything on the subject and tried every new product I could get my hands on. Finally a combo of ortho-tri cyclen (FDA approved birth control pill that helps acne, Retin-A and good eating habits, works its synergistic miracle on my skin.

If you do suffer from irregular periods and you really have bad acne, talk to your doctor about birth control that can help you regulate your hormones. Don’t overdo it with facial products or clean your face too often, it strips the surface of your skin of its natural oils and produces more oil to overcompensate. I wash my face with plain Dove soap at night and I just rinse in the morning.

Forget throwing your money away of skin products that have small amounts of active ingredients and go for the gold- with Retina-A. It takes a while for your skin to get used to it but find your comfort zone, every other day or every three days; use trial and error-it really works. Don’t forget sun protection. Since the age of twelve, not one day goes by, rain or shine, that I don’t wear sunscreen on my face- it is imperative.

The other important change I made in my pursuit of clear skin was what I put in my body. I began to pass fruit stands and vegetable aisles thinking; these foods will nourish and heal my skin. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, foods rich in lean proteins and whole grains are essential for your skin. The antioxidant power of fruits and leafy greens fight free radicals from stress, pollution and sun. Eating low glycemic foods do not cause inflammation that usually associated with acne. Eating less sugar also slows the aging of your skin.

Your skin is a clear indication of what is happening inside your body.

Cleansing your system with detoxing food like fiber and probiotics, found in yogurts, keep your system clean of toxins. Water keeps you hydrating and boosts your body’s elimination of accumulated wastes from your cells. Foods rich in vitamin C helps with sun damage repair, while foods that contain vitamin A help speed up the repair of skin. Biotin rich foods contain components necessary to rebuilding new hair, skin and nails.

Keep in mind that there are clear ways to age your skin faster and slow the healing of damaged skin. Smoking will deplete the skin’s ability to retain constant levels of vitamins in your system; smoking thins your skin and ages it dramatically. No sun protection is another culprit, it is easy and a no brainer- slather on some sunscreen. Sugar and white carbs cause inflammation in your skin.

Everyone’s skin can be different but the basic concepts of skin care; prevention and nourishment are guaranteed better skin. Choose your foods wisely and make some important lifestyle changes. Your skin will be glowing in no time.


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