Tuesday, October 23, 2007
Train Specifically for Your Goal
Train for your goal.

Train toward the result you want.

If you want to run a marathon, train like you're going to run a marathon.

If you want to lose fat, train to lose fat.

If you want to add muscle and get strong, train for it.

Any goal, no matter what it is, has a direct path A- B. There's a BEST way to train, and there's everything else. The BEST way is the most effective and efficient. Too many people get caught up in training in too many directions.

If you're trying to add muscle and get strong, learn exactly how to do it, then go do it. What are you doing on the treadmill? Just because there are machines in the gym doesn't mean they all move you closer to your goal.

Don't "try out" a machine because it "looks cool". That's a waste of time. Find out what exercise, weights, machines you need and focus on those. If you're trying to lose fat, stick to ONE diet until you get to your goal. Don't try one diet for a week, decide it's not working, then try another diet.

Find an effective, efficient program, and stick to it.

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