Thursday, April 17, 2008
Clearing up Confusion on Cheat Meals or "Free Days"
You'll often hear people talking about their cheat meals or Free Days while on a diet. This morning while doing some early morning cardio, I hear a guy talking to his workout buddy about how he puts away ungodly amounts of food on Saturdays- his Free Day. Wings, pizza, pretzels, cupcakes and of course plenty of beer.

This guy has obviously not read our Black Book of Secrets.

The cheat meal is meant as a mini reward for your hard work during the week. It breaks up the monotony of strict dieting and gives you something to look forward to. Many people report having an easier time mentally, thus increasing compliance rate. The cheat meal is not meant to undo all the ass busting work you've done all week.

The Cheat Meal Rules

The cheat meal is not license to cram every high calorie morsel in sight down all day. Just one meal.

The cheat meal is one (1) meal per week that you plan in advance.

The cheat meal length is your duration at the table. Once you get up, it's over Johnny.

Also, check out the best time to eat a cheat meal

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